Inside the cells of all living organisms are elaborate communication networks that control the cellular response to external stimuli. Protein 'teams’ work in concert to execute pathway instructions such as, gene regulation, cell growth, movement, and hormone release. When these communication networks fail to execute an instruction, or when signaling becomes deregulated, diseases including cancer, diabetes, and obesity, result.

At P.A. Technologies, our in vitro assembly technology reassembles ‘teams’ of signaling proteins, allowing drug developers and researchers to conduct rapid, accurate assessments of molecules that target these pathways.




At P. A. Technologies we have created a novel, easy to use technology for the study of today’s important drug targets: TDA 2.0. Our templating technology places proteins back in their native membrane environment without the complexities of cell based assays or the difficulty or reconstituting membrane proteins. These proteins exhibit increased biological function and resorted molecular recognition. Stop looking in the rear view mirror – contact us today!


Blue Sky Biotech, Inc. and Protein Attachment Technologies, LLC have entered into a global, exclusive license agreement covering PA Tech’s proprietary Template Directed Assembly (TDA 2.0™) technology for use in High-Throughput Screening (HTS) of drug candidates against membrane-associated protein targets.   The emerging product line is a combination of Blue Sky’s premium kinases and our templating technology – we call this new screening platform SmartScreenTM.  We encourage all of our customers to visit our new home at Blue Sky BioProducts via these icons!  Thank you for your business and we look forward our continued assistance in your discovery efforts!




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